DIY resin suncatchers – part 1

A couple weeks before Christmas 2021, I impulsively decided to make resin suncatchers for my friends and family. I had only worked with resin once before, but the end result turned out really nice so I wanted to try it again. I was kind of running out of idea for homemade gifts anyway, so it was a good time to expand my repertoire.

Art of the Day: My kitty, RIP

Nineteen-ish years ago, when my family was moving houses, my parents decided that we needed a new cat. My mother and I were both allergic, but we adored cats, so we decided it was worth it. At the farm supply store in town, they were selling the kittens of a feral cat. We bought aContinue reading “Art of the Day: My kitty, RIP”

A fresh start

I survived the end of December, although just barely. I got ridiculously sick on Christmas Eve and decided to spread the cheer by giving the cold to all of my friends and family. My New Year’s resolutions are, like every year, about writing. This time I’m being a little more concrete with my goals. TheContinue reading “A fresh start”