DIY resin suncatchers – part 1

A couple weeks before Christmas 2021, I impulsively decided to make resin suncatchers for my friends and family. I had only worked with resin once before, but the end result turned out really nice so I wanted to try it again. I was kind of running out of idea for homemade gifts anyway, so it was a good time to expand my repertoire.

DIY table with laser cut design

I have kind of an addiction to picking up furniture I see on the side of the road. Every time I leave the house, I keep an eye out for stuff that’s been left on the curb to see if there’s anything good, and every so often I find a gem. Restoring furniture that I got for free is a ton of fun because I can do whatever I want to it without fearing that I’m going to ruin it. After all, it was intended to be thrown away, so who cares what I do to it?

How to renovate your bathroom in 22 easy steps

So you want to renovate your bathroom! I myself just finished doing so, and I decided to impart my newly acquired wisdom on the world in the form of a handy blog post for easy reference. Here goes! 1. Decide that you want to renovate your bathroom This is the easy part! Take a lookContinue reading “How to renovate your bathroom in 22 easy steps”