New Year’s Resolutions 2020

Deep Water
Caution: lone people staring wistfully over the ocean.

It’s still January so I can still talk about this year’s resolutions, right?

Last year was a pretty good year for me. I started learning Turkish in April (for no particular reason). My short story “Glory Night,” which I’d sold in 2017, came out in July. I sold “No Mercy to the Rest” to Podcastle, which came out in December. I sold another short story to F&SF, due out this year. I made some laser-cut topographic maps of Cape Cod Bay and Mars. I went to Dublin for WorldCon in August. I refinished my back deck and grew some vegetables.

I find the weirdest things at work.

Here were last year’s goals:

  • Read 50 books. According to Goodreads, I read 52.
  • Finish 5 short stories. I think I finished 4. I started many more than that, and have a couple nearly completed, but my goal said “finish” and I did not finish 5.
  • At least one short story on submission at all times. Yup, did this.
  • Finish a novel. Did this too, and am currently in the middle of revisions.
  • Start one regular physical activity (such as jogging, rock climbing, an exercise class, or something new) that I stick with at least once per week for at least six months. I went regularly to a spin class, two barre classes, and a yoga class. Then all but the spin class were canceled, and I finally had to drop my Y membership because I couldn’t afford it anymore. However, I did also start gardening and doing some strenuous home improvements, which I’ll count as physical activity.
  • A SINGLE PULL UP. I did this! I DID THIS ONE! This has been on my list of resolutions for years and I! finally! did! it!


Temple Bar
The Temple Bar district in Dublin.

And now for this year’s goals:

  • Read 50 books – Might as well keep this up. So far I’ve read two.
  • Finish 12 short stories – I know this is a huge jump up, especially after not reaching my goal last year. But I’m hoping to do one per month. I have one nearly completed for January. I’ve also completed two flash stories, which I guess count? I plan to expand them both into longer stories, though.
  • One story on submission at all times – Always good to have this one.
  • Finish novel revisions and start querying agents
  • Start one regular physical activity – Ideally one I can do even when the weather is cold.
  • Blog about my various projects – I have lots of stuff planned this year (art, home improvements, gardening, etc) and I think it might be interesting to post about them.
  • TWO PULL UPS – Can’t rest on my laurels with this one.

Anybody else have New Year’s resolutions?

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