Nanowrimo post mortem

Happy December, everyone!

I finished Nanowrimo a couple days early. I was on track to finish on the 30th, but around the 25th I decided to do a push and finish the last 10k in two days to get it done before Thanksgiving. This was mostly so my eternal rival Rob wouldn’t finish ahead of me. (How do you like THEM apples, Rob??)

The novel itself isn’t finished, but it’s hovering around 84k. It’s nearing its conclusion, which means I keep adding and subtracting scenes while I try to figure out what that conclusion actually is. I think the last five thousand words I’ve written need to go in a different direction, but hopefully that will improve it. I’m counting down the days to when I can print this manuscript out on paper and attack it with a red pen. Ink will flow.

The end of Nanowrimo hopefully means I’ll have more time to finish reading Kameron Hurley’s Infidel. I’m still swooning over God’s War. I want to be Kameron Hurley when I grow up. Honestly, Kameron Hurley, Paolo Bacigalupi and China Miéville are my writing heroes.

In other news, I went for a two mile jog today, the first time I’ve gone jogging since September. The Zombies, Run! app is literally the only thing that keeps me running. I would have given up on it ages ago if I didn’t want to know what happens next in the story. Back in February I managed to jog every day for a month. I wonder if I can get back into that? Clearly the tenets of Nanowrimo bleed over into just about every aspect of my life.

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