Hugo Results

The Hugo Awards were last night, and the full list of winners is here. John Scalzi won Best Novel with Redshirts. I really enjoyed that book, and think it was well deserved. The only other novel in that category that I’ve read is Blackout by Mira Grant, which was also good (although not as good as the first two books in her trilogy, Feed and Deadline). I’ll have to check out the other nominees.

Writing Excuses won Best Related Work, which is fantastic. If you only ever listen to one writing advice podcast, make it this one.

And on her last year of eligibility, Mur Lafferty won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. I’ve been listening to her podcasts since 2006, and I’m delighted that she got the award after two near-misses. Mur’s I Should Be Writing podcast has chronicled her journey through her writing career since 2007, which makes this win seem extra special since we’ve seen how hard she’s worked for it.

Congratulations to all the winners! Looks like I have a bunch of new books to add to my reading list.