A list of unrelated things

In no particular order:

It’s been a slow, lazy summer for me. I went on vacation a couple weeks ago and read John Scalzi’s Redshirts and Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl. Both very good books in very different ways. The Windup Girl has breathtaking worldbuilding and is the book I would write if I were smarter. He has joined China Miéville as my favorite go-to author for mouth-watering worldbuilding.

Related to my previous blog post: A few days ago I saw this great article on Pacific Rim and the “Mako Mori Test”. It had a lot of the same problems with the film that I did, but was a lot more eloquent about it. One of the links in that is this article on why film schools teach screenwriters not to pass the Bechdel test. Both articles bring up really good points, and I strongly recommend them.

Chuck Wendig posted about how he’s started jogging, partly inspired by this Oatmeal comic. I’ve been jogging on and off for the past two years (mostly off at the moment because I have done very little of ANYTHING this summer). It’s something I never thought I’d enjoy when I was younger, since I have asthma and considered the mile run in high school to be the worst torture imaginable. Ironically I could run a much faster mile then than I could ever manage now, but for some reason when I run now I actually find it enjoyable. I’m slow, yes, and still pretty out of shape, but running makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, even if I’m not.

I noticed the other day that my bookshelves are packed with books I’ve never read. I think I might make it my goal this fall to start plowing through them. Maybe a couple books a month? Maybe I’ll review them here? We’ll see how that goes.

Thus ends the unrelated list of things.