Titles are the worst

It’s day whatever of the heat wave, and I’m up to bathing in bathtubs full of ice cubes (okay, not FULL of ice cubes… just one tray’s worth) and drinking gallons of cold brew coffee. But I haven’t installed my air conditioner because wow I hate air conditioners. So I guess I don’t have much right to complain about it.

I’m currently in a stretch of unpaid vacation (my day job is only for ten months of the year). I had been looking forward to this vacation as an opportunity to get a shit-ton of writing done, but naturally that doesn’t happen in reality. Most of my vacation so far has been watching YouTube videos and playing Fable III (it was a free download last week!)

But that’s going to change. I needed a teensy bit of down time and sleeping in all the way to ten a.m., but starting very soon I’m going to get on track for writing. I still intend to do NaNoWriDay. I think I might do it next Tuesday. That means I have a bit of outlining in my future, because I can’t go into that without some sort of plan.

Time for another ice bath.